Discover the perfect balance between work and relaxation during a workation at Casa Ferruccio

Have you ever thought about leaving your familiar surroundings behind and retreating to the picturesque Tuscan countryside to both work and relax? Casa Ferruccio offers the ideal setting for a so-called “workation”, where you can combine productive work with relaxing breaks.

An idyllic retreat for creative work

Casa Ferruccio is the perfect place to work in peace and quiet. With reliable Wi-Fi that keeps you connected to the rest of the world and various inspiring workspaces, both indoors and outdoors, you’ll be well equipped to drive your projects forward. Imagine answering your emails or working on your next big project while enjoying the gentle Tuscan breeze and breathtaking views of the rolling hills.

View of the green workation

Yoga for body and mind

In addition to optimal working conditions, Casa Ferruccio also offers wonderful opportunities for relaxation and regeneration. Yoga is one of the best ways to unite body and mind and reduce stress. You can practise your own yoga sessions by the pool, on the sun-downer terrace or under cover on the veranda. Give yourself a break from the screen to help you re-center and refresh.

Yoga workation on the veranda

Experience the Tuscan countryside

The surroundings of Casa Ferruccio are characterized by breathtaking nature that is just waiting to be discovered by you. Use your lunch break for a walk through the mountains or relax by the pool with a glass of local wine after a successful day at work. The natural beauty of Tuscany is inspiring and motivating – ideal for clearing your head and gathering new ideas.

Workation desk with a view of the countryside

Workation that leaves nothing to be desired

A workation at Casa Ferruccio promises not only productive working hours, but also profound relaxation and personal enrichment. Whether you’re honing your career or improving your health with yoga, you’ll find the perfect balance here. Let Tuscany inspire you and experience how work and relaxation can go hand in hand. Visit us and make your work a real pleasure!

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